Thursday, January 25, 2007

Well I never - a Meme

Early in December Barbara at Winos and Foodies tagged me for a meme.

Not only was December was a bit busy but I struggled with the theme of the meme which is why it’s taken me so long to answer. Barbara’s meme was warm and feel good while mine is just goofy, although mostly true.

10 things I’ll never do...
  1. Bungy jump – not even for a frillion dollars*
  2. Have laser eye surgery
  3. Eat a bug on purpose
  4. Wear a thong bikini in public (not that I actually own one but I'm just sayin')
  5. Be a brain surgeon
  6. Dot my i's
  7. Get my brain around sudoku
  8. Finish anything I start

*A bonus point or perhaps even a mystery prize to the first person who correctly guesses the origin of the monetary reference.

And just so y'all have something visual attached to this post - look at what the cat was playing with the other night!

In researching the weta I found out that its name is derived from the Maori word wetapunga which translates roughly to "God of Ugly Things" - well they got that right don't you think. The body of the weta at my back door was about 4" long and about as fat as my thumb and I'm glad I discovered it on my wall and not in my bed or in the toe of my shoe.


Lis said...

HOLY SHIT are those jaws???

That was something I could have done without seeing :P

I'm deathly afraid of any bug (including ants) they just squick me out wayyyy to much. If I had saw this in person, I would have ran screaming in the opposite direction. hahahaa!

So.. how'd ya get rid of it? *shudder*

Lis said...

I just followed your damn link and yes I could not stop myself from looking at the gallery of giant ugly bugs and now I am assured of having nightmares tonight, thank you very muchly.

Deb R said...

Your list was hilarious!!

But those bug pics gave me the shivers. Literally....I'm sitting here with goosebumps and it's not that cold here today. Bleah!

QuiltingFitzy said...

OH! That one would surely leave a mark!

Arfi Binsted said...

gosh, you got that bug too!! most annoying. scary, too! and i laughed on your no.4 list. hehehe... reminds me of myself.

Anna said...

Yuck - I'm glad that weta was on your wall and not mine !!!!!