Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Morven's World of Cake

I'm on the social club committee at work and one of our most popular events each year is a quiz night. We have the usual suspects of sports, entertainment, general knowledge and a company related round but because of my love affair with baking I decided, as quiz mistress, to have my own category. I even included a "guess the mystery ingredient" section where I offered samples of spice cake with tomato soup as the secret ingredient, a kumara cake which was a little like a carrot cake in taste, chocolate sauerkraut cake which was not quite so disgusting as it sounds - truly! Lastly I made a chocolate cola cake (I can't find the recipe but it was one that did not contain marshmallows).

I thought you might like to share the fun so if you would like to play along please send your answers to me at morvenATxtraDOTcoDOTnz with "Morven's World of Cake" as the subject. I'm offering a little foodie package which I will negotiate with the lucky winner.

You have two weeks from today (entries will close on 24 July 2007). Since I'm fairly confident the scores on this quiz will be high I'll draw a random name from all participants.

Who is attributed to the quote “Let them eat cake”?

What is the name of the main actor in the movie “Layer Cake”?

Who painted “Still Life with Cake”?

What is the French word for cake?

Who made the world’s biggest cookie and when?

Who is the patron saint of pastry chefs? (shame on any Daring Baker who does not get this question)

If you were eating a mooncake what would you be celebrating?

What ingredients characterise a "tres leches" cake?

Black Forest cakes contain cherries; what else is associated with the Black Forest? (I will accept one of three things and my decision is final)

And finally, to round things out to a nice even 10, if you offered to bake me a cake, what kind/flavour would I chose? This is merely thrown in so I can provide you with a delicious recipe when I post the answers but if I were judging on correct answers it might be the tiebreaker.


Tartelette said...

what a fun quiz!

barbie2be said...

did you ever pick a winner on this quiz?