Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oranges Poranges

I'm channelling Witchiepoo today (and showing my age!). Let's all sing together...

Oranges poranges, who says,
oranges poranges, who says,
oranges poranges, who says?
there ain't no rhyme for oranges!

Back in September I posted about a whole orange cake that involved simmering an orange, cooling it, removing the pips, etc etc etc. Some of my readers commented that the cake sounded nice but the method seemed like a whole lot of faff and faddle. Well here's the solution - a very easy whole orange cake that you make in the food processor. Even better, it's an un-iced cake - my favourite kind to make being the lazy baker I am.

The recipe is from a great little New Zealand site called Foodlovers and the forum there is a wonderful place to visit if you are searching for an elusive recipe or wondering what to do with that glut of fruit or unusual ingredient. You can find the orange cake recipe here.

Being Christmas time I decided to be a little creative with the recipe and add some frozen cranberries (about a cup) to the mix. Frozen cranberries are relatively new to New Zealand groceries and I've not had a lot of experience with them. They were whole cranberries and I worried about them being too tart in the cake so I added them early and let the food processor cut them up a bit - probably a little bit too much but at least I'll know for next time. That's the nice thing about experimenting.

This cake is very moist and has a nice texture. It has just a hint of bitterness on account of the peel but it's pleasant and not overwhelming. This is one of those good for breakfast cakes but then again isn't any cake breakfast food???


Elle said...

I was just hoping this morning to find a cake recipe that used fresh oranges and wasn't too sweet. This sounds perfect!

barbie2be said...

this looks yummy. i bet it would also be spetacular with a simple glaze on it. :)