Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blogging by Mail - the Little Things Edition

I love it when Stephanie Dispensing Happiness announces another Blogging by Mail event. The idea of getting mail that is not a bill is even more fun when it contains foodie treats.

The package I sent went to Lisa of Pittsburgh Needs Eated and the package that I received came from Sara of Heaven on Earth. It took a wee while getting to me because of an addressing glitch but as they say, better late that never. The upside of the delay was that Sara and I have gotten to know each other through a few emails and we've shared some recipes such as her wonderful ginger and pumpkin bread. Because the word "spices" was on the customs declaration the folk at our border control decided they needed to open my package. Fortunately there was no note in there telling me that anything had been removed for destruction as was the case one year when a friend sent me some fresh mistletoe at Christmas.

What did I receive?

To set the scene, a CD by Maria Muldaur.

Violet mints - a very interesting candy that tastes like the smell of violets.

Old Bay Seasoning was on my wish-list and I was very happy to find it in my package. Now I must try some crab cakes - it's a pity I'll have to make them with canned crab. We actually not really a pity because the idea of dealing with de-fleshing a crab squicks me out more than a little bit.

Some chicken seasoning - smells delicious and I can't wait to use it on my next roast chicken. I've not heard of Bell's Seasonings before.

The cutest little individual foil baking cups I've ever seen. Little star shapes by Reynolds. These will be getting recycled I can tell you! Check out a review of them here.

I'd indicated on my wish list that I wanted to expand my repertoire of Mexican cooking. Sara obliged by sending me some Ancho Chillies which I will certainly try in her recipe for chicken with peanut sauce.

Sara also sent a lovely selection of Celestial Seaonings tea. I love their products, particularly the zinger ones.

A big thank you to Stephanie for organising another great event and thanks to my new blog friend Sara for putting together such an interesting package.


Shandy said...

What an awesome event! What a fun way to receive mail. . .a package from a fellow baker. . .Yay! =D

Tammy said...

lucky you! i sent a parcel off to fellow blogger in the states in the end of March and she still hasnt received it!! Do you think it is missing in action?

Heaven on Earth said...

Hurray!!Everything looks so much cuter down there. Glad everything finally finally made it. Sara

coco said...

Oh wow love your package. The violet candy sounds interesting. I also received bell's seasoning in my package!

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