Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Scooter 1994 - 2008

My dear old cat Scooter developed cancer and a couple of months ago we made the sad but merciful decision to put her to sleep. I'll miss her "helping" me with my quilting and the laundry, I'll miss her hanging around my ankles waiting for tidbits in the kitchen; and I'll even miss her delicately licking my eyelids at stupid o'clock in the morning to tell me she wanted breakfast.

Since Scooter warranted her own label on my blog I've put together a little photographic tribute which was inspired by a recent post by Deb.


Anna said...

Oh Morv .... i know how you feel! It's so sad when our babies leave us. It must be time for a kitten aye.

breadchick said...

Oh Morven. I'm sorry for your loss of your loss of Scooter.

Tammy said...

Hi Morven

I am sorry to hear about Scooter

I have awarded you a prize for inspiring me to start blogging!



barbie2be said...

morv, i am so sorry to read about scooter. i hope that your heart heals quickly and you remember all the good times forever.