Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blogging By Mail - Indulge Me

The wonderful Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness has gone a little nuts and organised another round of Blogging by Mail. Yes, I KNOW, at this time of year - what IS she thinking! I couldn't be more delighted. I love these events because they are a great way to meet new bloggers and of course you get good mail. Because I lived in the US for 3 years and I feel that I have a special connection with the place, I always ask Stephanie, very nicely of course, if she will match me up with someone in the US. That's all I'm sayin' - y'all 34 other participants will just have to wait and see who I am sending to.

The hard part about sending stuff overseas is that all the really cool things like candy and books are expensive to send. My BFF lives in the US and our birthday and Christmas packages to each other usually put us back about $35-$50 for postage alone. For once or twice a year we just suck it up. So, dear BBM partner, if you are reading this, keep things light and small - please.

Oh and just so I don't have a photo-less post and this blog isn't called Food Art and Random Thoughts for nothing, I thought I'd share some photos of Smudge and Sticky.

How cute and adorable am I?

It wasn't me who did this

No really it wasn't.

OK so maybe it was but look at what my sister is up to...


Esme said...

Of course it wasn't you-yes I know that face-thank you for stopping by and clicking. I have never been to NZ-my husband was there a few years ago-silly me I lived in Australia and never visited.

Chef Barbie said...

those too little demons look like that have completely settled in.