Thursday, August 23, 2007

7 Random Things

Some time ago Lis from La Mia Cucina tagged me for a meme. Ordinarily I love these things but I’ve struggled to write this one.

1. Lime green and turquoise are my favourite colours. How do you like my new blog look? A bit much? I thought the white was a little bit boring and I'm not au fait enough with computing to come up with anything fancier. Hey - check out my new kitchen toys.

2. I am very finicky about meat on bones and won’t eat chops, chicken wings or legs. I make an exception for ribs and lamb shanks because they’re usually so tender the meat falls off the bones anyway. At restaurants I go so far as to cut all the meat the bones and put them on my side plate before I can eat my meal. Having said that, BBQ ribs would rate as one of my favourite foods.

3. When I was about 11 or 12 I got hit by a car while crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing. As a result I fractured my pelvis and have a scar in the inside of my left thigh. Unfortunately it’s too high up to show anyone. Much to my disgust I missed out on school camp. Kind of served me right though because I had snuck out of the house on my bicycle to go and buy candy for the camp and shouldn’t have been out. My mother and brother drove past the accident scene as I was lying on the ground but they didn’t know it was me. Later my brother commented that he thought he recognised my trousers. For the record, they were rust coloured corduroy bell bottoms. Styley!

4. I have moments when I hate my name. Because it is unusual people just can’t get it right. The most common name I get is Morgan although I often get Maureen, Robyn or Norma. I particularly hate it when people call me Marvin or Mervyn – they’re boy’s names fer Pete’s sake. Recently I asked my mother what the other options might have been and she said Hannah or Gabrielle. I’m not sure if I really want to share this random fact but one of the options was Dorcas. Imagine the teasing I would have got. If I’m somewhere like a coffee shop and have to give my name I struggle to quickly come up with a name other than my own. I never even think about using my middle name which is Jean. The funny thing is that if I decided to change my name I really don’t know what I prefer.

5. As a teenager I was a contestant in the Miss Wellington competition. I didn’t place. My husband takes delight in bragging about marrying a beauty queen.

6. My late Grandfather was a real magician. His stage name was Mister Fy . He passed on all his tricks and tools of the trade to my brother. When I was a kid Grandad used to entertain me with a ventriloquist act using my dolls and one day after he’d left I cut up one of them to see where the voices were coming from.

7. My husband doesn’t know I blog and would probably flip if he found out – on two levels. One is the whole internet/privacy thing and the other is my obsession with food. Oh well, I’ll deal with it when it happens. Most of my Daring Bakers creations are done when he’s out of town.

The usual self tagging rules apply.


Deb R said...

The new blog colors are very pretty! :-)

Barbara said...

The blog looks pretty. Your husband doesn't know you blog? No. Get outta here!! No way.

Peabody said...

I can't believe your hubby doesn't know you have a blog. Mine consumes so much time I am not sure how he couldn't know.
I do love your new colors!

Lis said...

I love the new colors.. so you. =)

And I love your name.. I'm so glad she picked Morven over Hannah and Gabrielle. Although I'd KILL to be name Dorcas. HAHAHAA!

I had no idea you were hit by a car - holy shite, Morv! How long did it take to recover? I'm so glad it wasn't any worse!!


barbie2be said...

1. i love the green. it's so friendly!

2. i don't eat meat on the bone either. in fact, the only raw meat i can stand to touch with bare hands is hamburger. (yeah, i know i am a freak. :) )

3. i had a very good friend from 6th grade through high school whose name was Dorcas. we called her Dorie. :)