Thursday, March 20, 2008

When Life Gives You Pumpkins....

... make Pumpkin and Ginger Bread!

A colleage at work gave me a humungous pumpkin that had self-seeded in her fiancé’s cow paddock. I like crown pumpkins because the flesh is kind of dry and not all wet and flavourless when you cook them. Here is the pumpkin against my biggest chef's knife (8" blade). In the scheme of things it's probably a pretty average sized pumpkin but heck I took a photo and you're gonna get to see it whether you like it or not!

Our weather hasn’t quite cooled enough to think about making a nice big pot of soup so I cast my mind to baking and I found a great pumpkin bread recipe on a friend’s blog. It’s right up my alley – quick, easy, requires no frosting; and even better it’s a great keeper.

I know it’s not really fair to take someone’s well used recipe and mess about with it before you’ve even tried it but I just couldn’t help myself. The modifications I made were to reduce the oil by ¼ cup and add an extra ¼ cup of pumpkin. I also reduced the sugar by ¼ cup and added some finely chopped crystallised ginger in its place. Next time I make this recipe I will cut the the ginger in slices because I would like a more intense ginger burst but the crystallised ginger is certainly a great addition.

How to line my pans neatly? Google to the rescue! I found a really great pictorial (and an amusing post) at Brown Bread Icecream and I can say that Rachel's instructions for cutting the paper to shape worked really well for me.

This pumpkin bread is definitely a keeper both in terms of longevity and remaining on my regular baking list. You can find the recipe over at Heaven On Earth - go check it out.


Peabody said...

Oh how I wish it was pumpkin season around here. I am jealous.

Heaven on Earth said...

What lovely pumpkin bread. Excellent job!!!

Kelly-Jane said...

Your bread looks lovely, I love the pumpkin too, such a pretty colour and shape :)