Thursday, May 15, 2008

ANZAC Self-saucing Pudding

I'm really behind in my posting and completely overdue to share my adventures in the kitchen creating the Daring Bakers' April Challenge. To tide you over here's a recipe I made over ANZAC weekend in keeping with the ANZAC-ey theme of coconut and rolled oats. It's a really old fashioned, comforting pud and when my husband takes a second helping of dessert it's high praise indeed. Golden syrup, butter and hot water form a delicious caramel-like sauce. You could probably substitute maple syrup if you're unable to find golden syrup where you live. The recipe says it serves 4-5 and while that's true, I feel that the recipe doesn't make enough sauce for my taste. Your options? Half the pudding or double the sauce! I didn't decide to half the recipe until I had all the dry ingredients in the bowl so all I did was divide it in half and put one portion in a ziplock bag in the freezer. I then halved the milk measurement but used a whole egg as it's kinda hard to half a raw egg.

You'll find the recipe on the Taste magazine website.

But wait.... there's more .....

The next weekend when I was again in the mood to make a warming winter pud I got creative with the leftover batch of pudding mix. I melted some butter (about 100g I think) and mixed it with some brown sugar which I spread over the bottom of a pyrex baking dish. Then I sliced some bananas which were past their best for eating and squeezed over some fresh lime juice to cut the richness of the butter and sugar. I added milk and egg to the pudding mix and blobbed it over the top. No time for photos after it was baked but here's what it looked like prior to the addition of the pudding. It was very nice but I think I prefer my ANZAC self-saucing pudding straight up.


Tammy said...

I cut that recipe out when I first saw it too - now you have inspired me to make it!

Peabody said...

I have only ever heard of the cookie. This looks far more interesting than the cookie!