Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Announcing the Arrival of...

....well that's the thing really, they don't have names and I need help.

We went to visit a breeder in Levin on Sunday intending to come home with a couple of Burmilla kittens. I love the look of their silver coats and little round faces. However, we had decided that we would let the kittens pick us and each Burmilla we approached would put her ears down and pull away from us. We ended up coming home with two Burmese kittens.

Barinka Shine is an 11 month old Blue Silver burmese and her half sister, Tabitha is a five month old chocolate silver. You can check out their parents here if you are interested. Billy Boy is their daddy and Barinka's mum is Paris, a blue Burmese; while Tabitha's mum is Kelli, a Chocolate Tortie Burmese.

Husband and I are disagreeing about their names because I want pretty sounding names like Phoebe or Lucy (apparently cats like names that end in an "ee" sound although how a person can know that I don't understand). When we were first talking about getting a pair of kittens we thought we'd call them Guido and Luigi after the characters in the movie Cars but those names don't fit our girls. Husband is not a fan of people names unless they are a bit "out there" hence our last cat being called Scooter and the one before that Allie which was actually short for Alligator and not a person's name at all.

I quite like the idea of finding a pair of names However, Lucy and Ramona (from that song by Michael Nesmith), Patty and Selma, Phoebe and Ursula, Patsy and Eddy; and Thelma and Louise were all turned down.

I've even toyed with a foodie names like Cookie, Coco, Bailey or Lindy (short for Lindauer, a bubbly NZ wine). As a kid we had a pair of Siamese cats which were named Sausage and Mash.

Let's get those suggestions rolling in.

Update 09/10/08: Husband has come up with Smudge for the grey kitty which suits her personality because she smooches and smudges all over you and, well, she's smudge coloured. As for the young one, someone suggest Sticky since she sticks to her sister like glue. I'm not sure I can live with that but I'm thinking about it.


Baking Soda said...

So pretty Morven! Beautiful coloring. Not much help in the name dept here I'm afraid. Intended to call our two kittens Scratch 'n Sniff, which was boo-ed by the rest of our family...

(My two leather chairs would have agreed however)

Brilynn said...

Pretty cats! I have a bengal named Kishu. I used to have siamese cats though and they were great. I'm a fan of giving animals other animals names... My friend had a rabbit named ducky.

Peabody said...

So cute. Welcome to the family kitties.

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

They are adorable! How about Chablis and Chardonnay or Merlot and Shiraz? Ganache and Genoise? Muffin and Cookie? Sophie and Sadie? Ugh! Now, you've gotten me started! I really like Patsy and Eddy, though. Two of my fave characters!