Monday, October 06, 2008

The Great Palmy Foodlovers Winter Lunch of '08

A few weeks (OK months) ago I got together with some of the local gals who are regular contributors to the forum on the Foodlovers website. We had lunch at Rendezvous restaurant and I enjoyed the rare privilege of taking photos of my food in public. Not that I’m complaining about the gloriously sunny day but the bright winter sunlight streaming into the restaurant made lighting for the photographs a bit difficult. I can’t remember who had what now but it looks like we ordered a portobello mushroom panini, poached eggs on a potato and salmon cake, and seafood pasta. I'm think there was another sammich and some Eggs Benny but those photos were likely victimes of the aforementioned sun strike.

After lunch we were all delighted by a surprise gift from Raewyn G. She’d handcrafted pretty little boxes and filled them with YUMMY chocolate fudge - so delicious that I don’t even think mine lasted the rest of the day. Raewyn said it was Tammy’s recipe and you can find it on her blog Wee Treats by Tammy - it's really really good (both Tammy's blog and the fudge recipe).

Thanks to Raewyn Mc for organising a very pleasant outing. Let’s do it again soon.

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Tammy said...

ok Morven, who's who in the photo?