Friday, November 07, 2008

The Great Bake Sale of '08

Recently my office held a bake sale to raise funds for our social club. This was the second such event we've held this year and I think people knew what was expected and went the extra mile. For my contribution I offered a cake made to order. So far the winner hasn't decided what she wants but I have given her a list of my tried and true recipes. Take a look at some of the fantastic entries.

A Swedish Apple cake

Fortunately not a lamb flavoured cake

Pumpkin Spice cake for halloween

Decadent chocolate cake

Pot black

Gingerbread house

Moo cake

Boozey chocolate cake

Chocolate cake decorated with chocolate finger biscuits and chocolate covered almonds

I feel mean posting without a recipe so here's something created by one of my colleagues which was what I bought at the bake sale.

Monica's Honey Almond Bites

You need
Slivered almonds

Make some short pastry
Cut pastry into small circles (you can use a drinking glass as a cutting guide)
Place the pastry circles into a small muffin tin and then blind bake in a fan oven (pre-heated to about 180°C) for approx 7-8 minutes
Dry roast the almond pieces (approximately 100g) in the oven for a few minutes
Mix about two tablespoons of Clover honey with mascarpone cheese (1 packet) and add the almond pieces
Place the honey and almond mixture into the pastry cases and cover with melted dark chocolate

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Elle said...

Those little treats at the end are charming and sound delish. The cakes are truly awesome!