Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blogging by Mail - Indulge Me Package Shipped

A teaser but hopefully not a spoiler. I shipped my package today and it's on its way to someone who, like me, has a cat, or maybe two. Come on now - you didn't really think I'd spill all the beans did you?

Here's another clue or at the very least another adorable picture of my girls.


Esme said...

Too bad we are an ocean apart-we could have a play date-do your kitties run around and treat you to a concerto at the crack of dawn?

Misty said...

Hey - thanks for the comment over on my blog.

Your kitties are indeed adorable! And the 12-year-old in my loves your "about me" section under the awesome quilted hand!

Misty said...

12-year-old in *me*, that is.