Friday, November 27, 2009

Baby Brights

Here's a preview of something I've been working on recently instead of baking - the photo doesn't do the fabulous bright fabrics any justice at all. I was searching for ideas for jelly roll quilts and came across a really neat site which has lots of cool ideas for quick and easy quilts, especially quilts for charity. I need to make a quilt for my cousin who has a significant birthday next year and I've been looking for ideas.

As yet this practice piece has no owner but I have someone in this space.


Esme said...

This is really pretty.

Esme said...

Morven-thank you so much for the package-it arrived today and I love it. The tea smells delicious-it's scent has permeated the box. I love baths so the bath salts are perfect. I have never had those cookies but they have chocolate so I will enjoy. Lip balm with shea butter and mango-I love it. I cannot wait to use the napkins and the book mark is great-I do not have a kiwi bookmark and love collecting them. I received Taste the other day-I have thought of getting a subscription to it but it is about $10 US an issue which is slightly dear. I have already found some great recipes and look forward to making them.

I hope whoever sends you a package is as thoughtful to you as you were to me.

My package is combo Canadian/US-I put in maple sryup cookies, Canada, Peep and hot tamales and Mikes and Ikes very American. I must confess I went over 5 items-I also included tea, cookie stencils and gingerbread candies to put on baked goods

I will probably post this tomorrow-today I have a evening meeting and just came home briefly for lunch before needing to head back out to wrk.

I may need to make a cup of tea first. Please post some more photos of your girls.

xo Esme