Monday, November 30, 2009

Meatless Monday - Mee Mamak

When we lived in Wellington one of our favourite restaurants was a cheap and cheerful Malaysian place called Satay Village. My husband’s favourite dish there was the vegetarian Mee Goreng, mine was the Chicken Rendang or the Chicken Sambal depending on my mood. In Palmerston North we have a plethora of Asian restaurants but they are mostly Thai so my husband has been missing his noodle fix and I’ve been trawling the net trying to find a recipe for Mee Goreng to make at home. The recipe I’ve settled on is absolutely nothing like the Mee Goreng from Satay Village but is a quick and easy dish that is healthy and delicious. It’s from Cuisine Magazine’s website and you can find the recipe here. I didn’t used to use the beansprouts that the recipe calls for but after talking to a Malaysian girl at work she persuaded me that they are an integral part of the dish and that they add texture. I have to admit she’s right. While the recipe calls for a mixture of prawns, chicken and tofu, I only ever make it with tofu. I used to buy a type of tofu from Japan that comes in a tetrapak but it's the soft kind and you end up with a dish that has a scrambled egg effect. It's much better with the firm tofu that you can stir fry to let it soak up some flavour before adding the noodles.

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