Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Good Mail Day

I received my Blogging By Mail package from Heather in Kansas. Heather very thoughtfully put together a sampling of Kansas products.

I received: A beautiful scented candle, a sunflower cup, a big bag of tiny sunflower seed cookies (they're good), a sunflower candy on a stick, some honey sticks, a fascinating corn on the cob that you stick in the microwave and it makes popcorn! How cool is that? Finally there was aa cute notepad with a wine/drink motif. The corn on the cob package had been opened by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries but they must have deemed it acceptable because they just resealed the package. Can't wait to try the popcorn.

Thank you Heather for a fun package and thanks also to Stephanie for hosting this event.

1 comment:

Deb R said...

So you mean that corn on a stick thing is popcorn? I'm confused. (I almost typed "cornfused.")

I owe you an email! Sooooooon!!!